June 2015

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We hope you have had a great apple blossom period.  Out in the orchard the  blossoms and bees are everywhere.  The trees should be now taking hold,  starting to shape up and ready to produce apples.

One of the most important tasks you can preform this summer is a leaf analysis of your apple trees.  Leaf samples need to be collected and sent in for analysis. This is the best method to determine the the right kind, and amount of fertilizer to apply to your apple trees.  This should be done during the last 2 weeks of July.

To proceed you must contact Lorna Wilson at  Exova Accutest.  They are located at 146 Colonnade Road Nepean ON K2E 7Y1.  Phone number is 613-727-5692 ext. 317 or email lorna.wilson@exova.com

Hope this information is helpful and as always if you have any question please call or send us an email.